What are the Icon Badge numbers on my WaterMinder icon?

Icon Badge numbers are the numbers that appear in the red circle at the top right of the WaterMinder app icon.


In this example it says "48". This refers to the percentage achieved so far in terms of daily Water Intake Goal, i.e. 48% of the Water Intake Goal has been achieved.

The Icon Badge has a number of different settings to give you the type of information you want:

  • Show current water intake in percentage - this is the default setting
  • Show current water intake in ounces or milliliters
  • Show the remaining goal as a percentage
  • Show the remaining goal as ounces or milliliters

Change the Icon Badge settings

1. To change the settings of the Icon Badge, tap on the Settings icon at the bottom of the screen. Then tap Icon Badge.


2. Beside Icon Badge there is a toggle slider to turn the Icon Badge notifications on or off.

You can also edit how they are set by tapping on your preferred option. When finished tap the X icon in the top left of the screen.


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