Does coffee or tea count towards my daily goal?

Does coffee or tea count towards your daily Water Intake Goal? The short answer is yes, tea and coffee does count towards your daily Water Intake Goal.

People used to think that drinks with caffeine caused dehydration, but this is not the case. Therefore caffeinated drinks contribute to the total amount of water that you consume every day.

However, water is by far the more healthy choice. This means tea and coffee should not make up the majority of your water intake. Drinking it is fine, as part of a balanced diet.

The same applies for other drinks including milk, fizzy drinks and sweetened drinks. They all count towards your daily water intake but, particularly in relation to fizzy and sweetened drinks, they are much more unhealthy than drinking water.

In summary, other drinks like tea and coffee do contribute to daily Water Intake Goals, but the primary liquid you should drink every day is water.

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    Teddy Svoronos

    Hello, can you clarify whether this means that I should enter 8 oz of coffee as 8 oz of water in WaterMinder?

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