I am not getting reminders. Any reason why?

There are two main things that stop WaterMinder app from sending you reminders:

  • You have already reached your daily Water Intake Goal
  • Reminders are switched off

Goal reached

There is a setting in WaterMinder app that stops reminders from being sent once you reach your daily Water Intake Goal. This can be changed so that you receive reminders regardless of how much you have already had to drink.

1. To change this go to Settings and tap on Reminders.


2. The first option says: . Toggle the option "Stop When 100%" on or off as required and tap the X in the top left of the screen.



Reminders turned off

1. You can also switch reminders off. Go to Settings and tap Reminders.

2. Beside Reminders there is a toggle - make sure this is on.


3. Check the correct times are toggled on. When finished tap the X in the top left of the screen.

Still Not Working?

If the reminders are still not working after you have checked the above settings, follow the procedure below.

1. Restart the phone

2. Once the phone has restarted, go to the phone's Settings and tap on Notifications. Select WaterMinder.

4. The first option is Allow Notifications. Make sure this is toggled to the on position.

5. Alert Style When Unlocked may be set to Banners. You should change this to Alerts.

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