Why do I have 48 messages on my WaterMinder icon?

Are you seeing a big number beside the WaterMinder app icon, like in the screenshot below?


In the screenshot the number is 48. This is called an Icon Badge and in other apps the number often indicates the number of unread messages in the app. But this is not the case with WaterMinder. Instead it indicates the progress you are making towards your daily Water Intake Goal.

So, in the example from the screenshot, the person has drunk 48 percent of their total daily Water Intake Goal. When they have another drink, this number will go up accordingly.

The Icon Badge is a way to make it easy for you check your water drinking progress at a glance, without even opening the app.

Change Icon Badge settings

1. You can change the settings for the Icon Badge by going to the Settings screen and tapping Icon Badge.


2. To turn the Icon Badge off completely, toggle the switch beside Icon Badge.



3. To keep the Icon Badge on but change its settings, tap the setting you prefer.


You have four options:

  • Show current water in percentage - this is the default setting
  • Show current water intake in ounces or millilitres
  • Show the remaining goal as a percentage
  • Show the remaining goal as ounces or millilitres

4. Change the option as required and tap Done

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