How do you delete drinks logged by mistake?

There are two ways that you can delete drinks entered into WaterMinder app by mistake. This allows you to maintain the accuracy of your daily intake.

Shake Undo

When you enter a drink on the main Hydrate page, a message flashes on the screen that says Shake To Undo. If you shake your device, the drink you have just entered will be removed, and WaterMinder app will play a notification sound. You will see your progress graph change as well.

However, this only works for the last drink that you have entered. There is a way to delete other drinks, though - by using the History page.

Delete Drink History

1. Tap on the History icon at the bottom of the screen.


This shows a graph based on what you have had to drink today, this week, this month or this year. Below that is a list of the most recent drinks you have recorded.


2. Scroll to the drink that you want to remove. Swipe your finger across this entry from right to left.


3. A red Delete button appears to the right of the entry. Tap it to delete.

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