How do I create a new timer?

Orbs comes with preset timers but you can create and customize your own.

Creating A New Timer

1. Tap the + icon on the Orbs main screen.

2. Alternatively you can tap Settings and then tap Create New Timer

3. This displays the timer settings screen.

4. Enter a name.

6. Enter the timer's duration using the scrollers for hours, numbers and seconds. Once complete tap Set.

7. Change the color of the Orb.

8. Change the sound that plays once the timer completes and tap Save.

9. Change the toggles for Vibrate and Repeat as required. Vibrate sets whether your device will vibrate once the timer completes. Repeat starts the timer again once it is finished.

10. Tap Save to save the new timer.

11. Your new timer will now display as the first timer on the Orbs main screen.

12. To change the order of your timers to adjust how they are displayed on the home screen, tap Settings.

13. Beside each timer there is an icon which has three horizontal lines.

14. Tap and hold then move the timer up or down the list.

15. The order of the timers on the home screen is now changed.

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