How do I change the default title?

Whenever you create a new note in NotesPro the note is given a default title. You can change this title manually by tapping on the title at the top of the note. It is also possible to change the way that NotesPro assigns default titles.

Default title options

You have three main options for the default title

  • The word "Untitled" - every note you create is called "Untitled" unless you manually change it
  • The date - with this option each note you create is given a unique name based on the date and exact time that the note was created. This also makes referring back to notes easier. You have four date format options to choose from.
  • Note Content - with this option the first 20 characters of your note are used as the title


Changing the default title setting

1. Tap on the settings icon which is located at the bottom right corner of the NotesPro screen.

2. Tap on Default Title

3. Change the setting as required by tapping on the option.

4. Tap on settings at the top of the screen to go back

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