How to Use HabitMinder

Setting Up HabitMinder

Search for HabitMinder on the App store and install it. Click on the HabitMinder icon to open the app.




Run through the welcome screens which explain some of HabitMinder's basic functionality.

Click Create New Habit.




HabitMinder includes three free habits. You can select from one of the predefined habits or you can create a custom habit.




The predefined habits include default settings to get you started, although these can be changed.

The predefined habits included in HabitMinder include:

  • Body – walk, stretch, exercise, run, stand, squats, push ups, sit ups, do yoga, ride bike, swim, play sport, massage, gym, and dance.
  • Mind – breathe, meditate, visualize, read, relax, learn, focus, memorize, and listen.
  • Healthy Habits – hydrate, eat fruit, eat veggies, no sugar, sleep more, smoothie, fresh juice, and eat healthy.
  • Appreciate – love, family time, gift, write, be thankful, celebrate, laugh, smile, and prioritize.
  • Commit – play instrument, sing, draw, practice, pray, save money, try new thing, and call friend.

Choose your first habit to monitor. In this example, we’ll select walk by tapping it.




You will then see some default settings for the habit.




You can keep these default settings, or you can edit them if you wish. For the walking habit, for example, you can change the goal by altering the number of daily steps you want to achieve. You can also change the frequency.

Once you are finished customising the settings, tap Save.




Your phone may then ask you if you want to let HabitMinder send you notifications. Tap Allow.




This opens the Health Access app. Toggle on Steps to allow HabitMinder to track your daily steps and then tap allow at the top of the screen.




You will then see the habit you have just set up on HabitMinder’s homepage. To add another habit, tap the + icon.




Go through the above process to add each new habit. Remember, you can add three habits for free with HabitMinder and additional habits with an in-app purchase subscription.




If you try to add more than three habits, you will see an option to upgrade.




There are three upgrade choices:

  • Additional five habits billed annually
  • Unlimited habits one-time fee
  • Unlimited subscription billed monthly

Payments for HabitMinder subscriptions go through your iTunes account.

Using HabitMinder

The method for updating each habit depends on the habit. For example, you don't manually update the walking habit. Instead, your phone will monitor how much you walk each day and will record this against your goal in HabitMinder.

Another example is meditating. This habit has a timer which you start before you meditate and then switch off after you finish.




Sleeping, on the other hand, requires you to manually enter the number of hours you sleep.




Below is a brief summary of how to use and update each habit in HabitMinder:

  • Walk – manually updated when you walk with your phone
  • Stretch – timer and manual addition
  • Exercise – timer, quick add predefined minutes, and manual addition
  • Run – manual addition
  • Stand – manual addition
  • Squats – quick add and manual addition
  • Push-ups – quick add and manual addition
  • Sit-ups – quick add and manual addition
  • Do Yoga – timer and manual addition
  • Ride Bike – timer and manual addition
  • Swim – timer and manual addition
  • Play Sport – timer and manual addition
  • Massage – manual addition
  • Gym – manual addition
  • Dance – manual addition
  • Breathe – timer and manual addition
  • Meditate – timer and manual addition
  • Visualize – timer and manual addition
  • Read – timer and manual addition
  • Relax – timer and manual addition plus there are sounds available to help you relax
  • Learn – manual addition
  • Focus – manual addition
  • Memorize – manual addition
  • Listen – timer that is connected to your iTunes music library so there is an option of what song/s you want to listen to
  • Hydrate – quick add and manual addition
  • Eat Fruit – manual addition
  • Eat Veggies – manual addition
  • No Sugar – manual addition
  • Sleep more – manual addition
  • Smoothie – manual addition
  • Fresh Juice – manual addition
  • Eat Healthy – manual addition
  • Love – manual addition
  • Family Time – manual addition
  • Gift – manual addition
  • Write – manual addition
  • Be Thankful – manual addition
  • Celebrate – manual addition
  • Laugh – manual addition
  • Smile – manual addition
  • Prioritize – manual addition
  • Play Instrument – manual addition
  • Sing – manual addition
  • Draw – manual addition
  • Practice – manual addition
  • Pray – manual addition
  • Save Money – manual addition
  • Try New Thing – manual addition
  • Call Friend – manual addition

You have two options for updating a habit. Firstly, you can tap it to bring you to the habit’s screen.




The second option is to swipe left. You will then see quick icons that let you update your progress on that habit for the day.




As you go through each day, your HabitMinder homepage will show the progress of each of your habits.




Once you complete your habit goal, it will appear on HabitMinder's homepage as completed.




App Functions

You will see four icons at the bottom of HabitMinder:

  • Home – go back to home to see progress for today's habits
  • Statistics – detailed stats on your progress
  • Plus icon – add a new habit
  • Gear wheel – HabitMinder’s settings




Tap the gear wheel to change HabitMinder's settings.




This brings you to the settings page.




The options you have include:

  • Edit Habits – change the order of habits on the app's homepage, change settings for individual habits, delete habits, and add new habits.
  • Week Start – change the day of the week you want the week to start.
  • Sounds – toggle sounds on and off.
  • Icon Badge – toggle the icon badge on HabitMinder on and off. When toggled on, you will see how many habits you still have to complete without the need to open HabitMinder.




You can also change HabitMinder to dark mode in settings, contact support, rate the app, restore previous purchases, and share HabitMinder on social media.


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