How HabitMinder Calculates Statistics

HabitMinder calculates statistics based on when you complete a habit. This helps you keep track of progress towards your goals.

You can view overall statistics as well as statistics for individual habits. Statistics in HabitMinder are lifetime, although you can delete the statistics of an individual habit to reset it.

How to View Statistics

1. To get into the statistics screen, tap on the statistics icon from HabitMinder's home screen.




2. You will see the overall statistics, i.e. total statistics for all your habits.




3. Completion Rate is the percentage of habits you have completed all-time.




There are a couple of things to remember regarding this figure:

  • HabitMinder only counts fully complete habits in this percentage. For example, if you have the squats habit with a goal of 60 per day and you only do 50 today, HabitMinder records this as uncompleted.
  • The Completion Rate figure is all habits, all-time, unless you clear the statistics of an individual habit. This means it includes results from habits you have had previously but have removed from HabitMinder, as well as your current habits.

4. Additional information is below the Completion Rate percentage.




  • Complete - the total number of habits fully completed
  • Started - the total number of habits started but not fully complete
  • Not Done - the total number of habits you have not started

Remember, all the above figures are all-time until you reset the statistics for an individual habit.

5. The icons at the top let you switch between overall statistics (the target icon) and statistics on individual habits. In this example, we will select the icon for the squats habit.




6. The individual habit statistics page also shows you the Completion Rate. In this example, it is the completion rate for the squats habit.




7. You can also see how many days you have fully completed the habit, started but didn't finish, or didn't start at all.




8. You will also see two additional stats: Current Streak and Longest Streak.




  • Current Streak is how many days you have fully completed the habit. In this example, the squats habit has been completed for the last seven days.
  • Longest Streak is the most consecutive days where you completed the habit. In this case, 18 days in a row was the longest fully completed habit streak.


How to Reset a Habit's Statistics

1. From HabitMinder's home screen, select the habit you want to clear the statistics on.




2. Tap the three dots icon at the top right of the screen.




3. Select Habit Settings.




4. Tap the trash can icon.




5. Tap Clear All Stats.




6. Confirm you want to delete.



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