Relaxtopia Overview

Relaxtopia is an app that plays different sounds to relax you and create a sense of calm.

Using Relaxtopia

1. When you open the app you can choose from a range of sound packs to play.


There are several that are included with the app as standard. These include:

  • Zen Garden
  • Rain & Thunder
  • Forest

2. Once you have selected the one you want you can tap the image to open the details of the sound pack, or simply tap the play icon to start the sound playing.


3. In the sound detail page you have a number of options. This includes changing the effects that are played. In this Underwater example, whale noises have been turned on.


4. You can start and stop the sounds by tapping the Pause / Play icon at the bottom of the screen.


5. The volume control icon is to the left of the pause icon.


6. It allows you to control the various sound elements of the pack you are playing. Tap Done when finished.


7. To the right of the Pause icon is the timer, which is perfect for setting Relaxtopia while you are going to sleep.


8. Set how long you want Relaxtopia to play for, then tap Set Time.


9. There are additional sound packs that you can purchase on the app store. They will have a padlock if you haven't bought them yet.


The additional sound packs include:

  • Underwater
  • Chimes In The Wind
  • Camping Memories
  • Night City Rooftops
  • Bath Time
  • Summer Garden
  • Home
  • Seaside Afternoon


10. Tap on the padlock to buy the individual sound pack.


11. Or tap on the shopping cart in the bottom right corner of the screen to buy all of the sounds.


12. You can also buy more sounds by tapping the Info icon.


13. You can do other things on the Info screen including sharing with friends and contacting support. You will also find more great apps from Funn Media.

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