Adding Custom Cups

WaterMinder app has three default cup sizes: 8 ounce, 14 ounce and 17 ounce. But you can add Custom Cups that reflect the sizes of glass, bottle or cup that you use. This will give you a more accurate measurement of the amount of water that you drink each day, and whether you are meeting your daily water intake goal.

Adding Custom Cups

1. To add a Custom Cup, go to Settings, scroll down to Cups, and tap the + icon.


2. Now enter the size of the cup, as required, and tap Save.


You will now see a new icon in Settings under Custom Cups showing the new cup.

And on the Hydrate screen, when you tap + to record a drink, you will see the new Custom Cup as one of the options.


3. You can delete a Custom Cup by going to Settings, tapping on the Custom Cup that you want to delete, and confirming the delete by tapping Yes.

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