WaterMinder Overview

The WaterMinder app helps you keep track of the amount of water you drink each day to ensure you are drinking enough. It can track your intake based on your weight, or on your personal goals.

Getting started

1. Once you have downloaded WaterMinder, tap on the icon on your homescreen. Then tap Continue on the welcome message.

2. You will be asked if WaterMinder can access your Health data. Tap Grant Access.

3. Turn on the toggles as required, and tap Allow


4. Enter some basic details so that WaterMinder can calculate an initial daily water intake goal. Enter your name, gender and weight. You can then select the level of physical activity you normal do, and the type of climate you live in. Tap Calculate Goal.


5. You will then be shown you daily intake goal. Tap Continue.


6. Now you're ready to go. Tap Let's Hydrate.


7. The final stage of the initial setup process is to all WaterMinder to send you notifications. These notifications will remind you when you need to take another drink of water, and will show your progress. Tap OK.


8. The main screen shows how much you have drank so far. This is represented by the image of the person and the blue fill that rises up the body, and the percentage Daily Fill bar below this.


9. When you have finished a glass of water, click the + icon.


Select the size of glass and see it added to your daily total.

You can remove this glass by shaking your phone.

10. At the bottom of the screen there are four options. The first is the main app screen that shows your current water intake.

It is labelled Hydrate!

11. The second is History.


This shows your daily drinking history. It allows you to see how well you spread your water intake throughout the day, and spot parts of the day that you are not drinking enough. You can also see your water intake over time so that you can measure your performance, ensure you are meeting your goals, and check that you are consistent.

You can view your water intake by Day, Week, Month or Year.

There is also a time below detailing each water-drinking event.

Click on the + at the top of the screen to add any drinks that are missing from your history.

12. The third option is Achievements where you can check your progress.

13. In Settings you can customize the way WaterMinder works.




You can:

  • Add custom cup sizes to more accurately record the amount of water that you are drinking.
  • Edit your profile
  • Change the way units are measured
  • Edit reminders
  • Edit the icon badge
  • Edit the Shake to Undo function
  • Edit the Sound options
  • Change the date or time

You can also

  • Contact support
  • Rate WaterMinder on iTunes
  • Export your water intake history to a CSV file

14. Finally, you can share your progress on Facebook and Twitter.

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