Creating Custom Reminder

The default WaterMinder reminders run from 8am until 5pm, but this might not match with your lifestyle. You can edit the reminders so they are more suitable to your daily routine. You can:

  • Change the default reminders, which are set at 1.5 hour intervals
  • Add new reminders for any time of day that you want

Create custom reminder

1. To change the reminder settings, go to Settings then tap on Reminders.


2. You will now see the list of default reminders and some settings that you can change. Make sure reminders are switched on using the toggle.


3. Toggle the default reminders on and off as required. You can also add a Custom Reminder.


4. Tap Add beside Custom Reminders.


5. Set the time as required and then click Done. A new reminder is shown under Custom Reminders.


6. You can edit this reminder by tapping Edit.

7. Finally, you have a setting at the top of the screen which controls when the reminders stop.


Toggle this on if you want the reminders to stop once you reach your daily Water Intake Goal. Leave it off if you want to receive all reminders, regardless of how much water you have drunk during the day.

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