How do reminders work?

In the hustle and bustle of daily life it is easy to forget to drink water regularly. This usually results in either:

  • Trying to catch up by drinking a lot in a short space of time, or
  • Not drinking enough

The best way to drink water each day is to drink regularly and spread your consumption throughout the day. WaterMinder reminders help you do this.


They appear on your phone's lock screen and are accompanied by an unobtrusive sound to let you know that there is a notification from the app. They are designed to remind you take a few minutes to have a drink of water.

Change reminder settings

1. You can change the frequency, time and other settings of reminders by going to Settings and tapping on Reminders.


2. You can switch them on or off using the toggle beside Reminders, add custom reminders, or toggle the preset reminders on or off.


3. Tap the X icon in the top left of the screen when finished.

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